• Smooth Wall HDPE continuous length conduit


  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin


  • Smooth Wall HDPE Innerduct is made to Industry
    Standards for Communications Applications. It can be
    installed using open trench methods, HDD (Horizontal
    Directional Drilled), plowed, or pulled into conduit


  • Under Eastern Quality Assurance System


  • Available in Orange, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red,
    Black and Gray


  • Eastern Wire + Conduit
  • HDPE Type
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Sequential length markings (May be altered upon request)


  • HDPE provides a conduit of high tensile and
    compression strength


    • HDPE Smooth Wall conduit is available in 2
      inner-wall forms:

      • Smooth
      • Ribbed


    • UV stabilization additive
    • Friction reducing additive in PE compound

Specification Description

  • Smooth solid wall
  • Can be trenched or bi-directional drilled
  • Eliminates need for bends and elbows
  • Large master reels requiring fewer joints for improved system integrity
  • Available in SCH 40 & SCH 80, SDR 17, 15.5, 13.5, 11 & 9
  • Available with a ribbed inner wall or an inner wall with a friction reducing additive
  • Available with Pull Tape
  • Dimensional Specifications conform to ASTM D3035 and F2160 for O.D. controlled pipe
  • Available with 400# (standard), 900#, 1250# or 1800# Pull Tape


HDPE Compression Coupling Eastern Wire

Trade Size Part NumberCarton Quantity
Trade Size Part NumberCarton Quantity
1⁄2” PFCHC0500 As required
3⁄4” PFCHC0750 As required
1” PFCHC1000 As required
1 1⁄4” PFCHC1250 As required
1 1⁄2” PFCHC1500 As required
2” PFCHC2000 As required
3"PFCHC3000 As required


Trade SizePart NumberCarton Quantity
Trade SizePart NumberCarton Quantity
1⁄2” PFTHC0500 As required
3⁄4” PFTHC0750 As required
1” PFTHC1000 As required
1 1⁄4” PFTHC1250 As required
1 1⁄2” PFTHC1500 As required
2” PFTHC2000 As required


HDPE Compression Plug Eastern Wire

Trade Size Part Number Carton Qty
1/2” PFPHC0500 As required
3/4” PFPHC0750 As required
1” PFPHC1000 As required
1 1/4” PFPHC1250 As required
1 1/2” PFPHC1500 As required
2” PFPHC2000 As required
3” PFPHC3000 As required