Description (Specialty Raceway)

  • Interlocking Armor with Corrugated liner and an outer PE jacket with -76°C brittleness temperature to provide flexibility and superior long term protection of the cables.
  • Excellent product for applications under heavy traffic area and heavy load such as highway crossing, driveways, industrial floors. etc.
  • Directional boreable for ease of installation.


  • For further details on Armor-Duct, contact us or contact your local Armor-Duct distributor.


  • Armor-Duct is designed to provide superior protection for direct
    burial applications with the flexibility of interlocking armor product.
  • Protected over the Galvanized Steel Interlocking armor is a PE jacket with a brittleness temperature of -76°C to prevent moisture penetration to the armor and the cables.
  • Corrugated HDPE liner to minimize pulling friction and protect the cables.
  • Designed for under heavy traffic and heavy load areas.
  • Designed to resist crushing, impact, rodents, sunlight, and moisture.
ProductNominal I.D. (inches)Nominal O.D. (inches)Fittings (Appleton Stainless Steel)
Armor-Duct™ 1000 0.75 1.30TMC125SS
Armor-Duct™ 1250 1.30 1.90 TMC200SS
Armor-Duct™ 1500 1.70 2.30 TMC250SS